London – DC Electronic Composer

Davide Costa alias London-DC is an electronic composer based in London.

Full time architect he has studied piano several years and after discovered the electronic world he’s mostly dedicated to it combining his classical background with new electronic sounds.
What distinguished Davide’s musical path is the wide range of production from ethereal Piano Composition/Improvisation to sophisticated electronic composition.
Davide’s passion for Cinema represent the common line of his melodic production as a restless investigation in producing electronic crossover compositions to be associated to images or scores.
Parallel Lifes, here presented, is a selection of an Electronic Cinematic journey where classical piano vibes seems to be always present.


01 E se una notte d’inverno mentre fuori piove… musica
02 Inner Vision
03 Love Letter
04 The End 02:17AM
05 Piano Improv – Oct2012
06 Mltc
07 Solitaire
08 …and she blew the last candle
09 Two hands away – in collaboration with Julie Elven (vocals and interpretation)
10 Surreal world
11 Subconscious (Back to the origin)
12 UnFolded
13 One night, two mens walking. The memory of a winter city silence – in collaboration with Science Teheran

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