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Rick Tedesco Progressive DJ

Any thoughts behind your track choice and placement for your mix?
“For this mix in general, I wanted to utilize deep, melodic, atmospheric and progressive breaks with a bit of a pyramid shape and form. I wanted the mix to start slow and deep and gradually move towards a more progressive and aggressive territory, then gradually wind back down.”

What inspires your best music creation moments?
“Everyday life!”

What’s the latest exciting project you’re working on?
“Trukers and I just finished a remix for the band The Panic Division, which is a rock/electronic group. The stems were super fun to play with and it was a bit different moulding a rock song into a progressive breaks track. All and all, we are really happy with the end result and the feedback has been great.”

Favourite composers, producers or DJs at the moment and why?
This is a hard one as there are so many talented artists out there… I would say BT, Trukers, Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Schodt, Geon, Abdomen Burst, Colombo and many more. As for why, well these artist all have signature styles of electronic music and to be honest, they were the first to come to mind.”

What tracks are getting the most rotation in your sets at the moment?
“When it comes to progressive breaks, I would say Trukers, Alfoa, Digital Department, Schodt, Evgeny KoTT & Abdomen Burst. When it comes to playing live and or more aggressive breaks, I would say Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Geon & Colombo”

Any words of inspiration for the people out there?
“Do what you love and love what you do!”

Nilla – Drift Progressive House Mix

  Tracklist 01 Matt Lange – Rift (Kerry Leva Undo) 02 Matt Lange – Rift 03 Soundprank – Burner (Shingo Nakamura remix) 04 Max Freegrant – Colours of Life (Steve Haines remix) 05 EE2 – Jet Lag (Urban Breathe & Tom Morgan remix) 06 Funkagenda & Adam K – Drift 07 Suspect 44 – Japanese Schoolgirls 08 Cramp – RU116 (Proff remix) 09 Quarrel & Ezzo – Second Chance 10 Save the Robot – Red City 11 Solead – Chicaboo (Kassey Voorn Baearic mix) 12 Alexander Miguel – Bulf Stroune 13 Vincenzo – Yarra Valley Run Time: 71:29 Stream Download

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Rick Tedesco – Oxygen & Atmosphere Jan 2011 Progressive Breaks Download

oxygen-atmosphere-jan-2011 Tracklist: 1)Mehmet Akar-Ursa Major (Dynamic Illusion Remix) 2)Zemtsov-Faith In Glam (Ant.J.Box Remix) 3)Ant.J.Box-Shadows (Original Mix) 4)Quarrel-Summer Monsum (Original Mix) 5)Astral Vision Feat. Wetter-Ocean Waves (Original Mix) 6)Alexey Heavenly-Autumn Rain (Andrew Philippov Remix) 7)East Cafe-How It All Began (Original Mix) 8)Astral Vision Feat. Wetter-Atlantis (Original Mix) 9)Abdomen Burst-Sakkura (Affective Remix) 10)Aeron Aether-Twilight feat. Catherine (Future Perfect Remix) Oxygen & Atmosphere Jan 2011 by Rick Tedesco

SoundCloud RoundUp Progressive Cinematic And Melodic

So here’s my first SoundCloud Round up, just a few of favorite tracks and mixes that get dropped into the Progressive Breaks :: Melodic & Cinematic group on SoundCloud. First up is an interesting track entitled Melody Burst from Putero. Coming From Denmark he uses an interesting mix of styles in this track – Glitch, Broken, Electronica with a bit of Progressive elements thrown in there for good measure. Putero – Melody Burst by Putero Next up is another remix of an Imogen Heap track. The Imogen remixes just keep coming but that’s because her tunes are just so remixable.

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Melodic Progressive Mix DJ William Kennedy

A bit of Melodic Progressive, and why not? Download:

The Wizards Sleeve Anticipation Progressive Breaks Download

And why not? Over at SoundCloud Anticipation by The Wizard’s Sleeve

sPaces30 – Progressive Classical Shifts

sPaces30 Perspective is a guide. Perspectives shape and change our vision. As our perspectives are changed and challenged, we find our lives turning like a ship in the ocean, facing new directions, finding freedom as we go. Picture by Chris Mac Tracklist: John Murphy – Mercury Last Days – Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Changes Unkleking Unique Bass Bliss Remix – Heaven Last Days – Run Home Dosem – 146 Pat Foosheen – Slepian Sequence His Boy Elroy – Step Into The Light Embliss – All That Was Faded Marrakesh Mix Elfsong – Illusions Fall Apart Aeron Aether –

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Beatunes Deep Dark and Progressive

Deeper Moments & Robert K, on their real names Krisztián Balázs & Robert-Árpád Kiss are 2 hungarian djs, producers & remixers from Romania, born in 1985/86. Their style is based on deep & dark progressive-house. Krisztián & Robert are members of MISTIQUE MUSIC (RECORDINGS & BOOKING AGENCY). Download below – Deeper Moments – Tranzit 006 (part 1) on – Robert K – Tranzit 006 (part 2) on

New Progressive Breaks Podcast download at

Yeh i’m listening to this new podcast from Progressive mixed by Atmospherix and i’m feeling it. If you’re into Progressive Breaks then go check it out. There’s two episodes available for the download at their feed site and there’s a new forum to get involved in. links below Direct Play/Download Episode1

sPaces27 – Ambient Electronica Progressive

Summer rain, breaking the heat and humidity, leaving behind a fresh calm air, and distinctive smell. Pressure broken, calm rests. Saturday night – Mosca Good enough – Trifonic Shikansen – Miwon Your Brilliant Flowers – KAITO Special moment (Gorm Sorenson Chillout mix) – Ben NIcky A grim winter awaits us – Mosca Breakwater – Airillusions Kaivalya – Elfsong, Aeron Aether Compiled and Arranged by Chris Mac Picture By LATTY

Progressive Soundscapes DJ Faze

I enjoyed this mix taken from DJ Faze mixing Progressive Soundscapes, Lovely track selection and journey from start to finish check it out. Description taken from his web page below: Progressive Soundscape An uplifting progressive breaks mix with a dark twist. Featuring classic tracks from Retroid and Aeron Aether, plus fantastic new release’s from Mesmer and Stewart Keenan. Also check out the huge remix of “about to fall” by Wrexx(awesome). Hope you enjoy! Download the mix below: Play myspace/DJFaze