Rick Tedesco Progressive DJ

Any thoughts behind your track choice and placement for your mix?
“For this mix in general, I wanted to utilize deep, melodic, atmospheric and progressive breaks with a bit of a pyramid shape and form. I wanted the mix to start slow and deep and gradually move towards a more progressive and aggressive territory, then gradually wind back down.”

What inspires your best music creation moments?
“Everyday life!”

What’s the latest exciting project you’re working on?
“Trukers and I just finished a remix for the band The Panic Division, which is a rock/electronic group. The stems were super fun to play with and it was a bit different moulding a rock song into a progressive breaks track. All and all, we are really happy with the end result and the feedback has been great.”

Favourite composers, producers or DJs at the moment and why?
This is a hard one as there are so many talented artists out there… I would say BT, Trukers, Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Schodt, Geon, Abdomen Burst, Colombo and many more. As for why, well these artist all have signature styles of electronic music and to be honest, they were the first to come to mind.”

What tracks are getting the most rotation in your sets at the moment?
“When it comes to progressive breaks, I would say Trukers, Alfoa, Digital Department, Schodt, Evgeny KoTT & Abdomen Burst. When it comes to playing live and or more aggressive breaks, I would say Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Geon & Colombo”

Any words of inspiration for the people out there?
“Do what you love and love what you do!”

Cinematics – Film Scores & Breaks

Every first sunday tune into frisky radio for Cinematics. Playing emotive film scores and Breaks.

Bijou Cinematics October

Download and Listen to Bijou Dream, Chillwave & Glitch

DJ Peaceful September Cinematics

The first mix on Cinematics for DJ Peaceful who has a deep running passion for all things music. After many years of playing Saxophone and Electric Guitar, he directed his efforts towards dance music, over the past decade he has specifically focused on Progressive and Funky Breaks. His sets are setup to blend the best of both worlds and keep you guessing as to what is coming next. Chilled Progressive Breaks Set. [jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”2651″] Tracklist: 1) Marc Streitenfeld- Life 2) Sebiah- Deep Through 3) Enigma- Mea Culpa 4) Phrakture- One Step Out Of Time 5) Tee-Ex- Shivered 6)

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Cinematics August Code LATTY

[jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3438″]

Cinematics October Chris Mac

[jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3547″] Tracklist 1. We don’t have to think like that anymore- Cliff Martinez- Solaris- La La Land recordings 2. Stay with Me- Clint Mansell- the fountain- Nonesuch 3. Filmic(intro piano loop)- above and beyond 4. Welcome to lunar industries- Clint Mansell- Moon- Black records 5. Homelands- Nitin Sawney- Outcaste 6. Mexican Gangsters- Eric Johnson 7. Everything is Brand New- Hybrid- Distinctive Records 8. Sleepover-Marius Vries- Kick Ass- Polydor Records 9. Soul of heart (loop)- Kaito- Kompact 10. Thoughts of Alice- Last days- n5MD 11. Life is all about taking things- Telefon Tel Aviv- Hefty! Records 12. The Dumbing

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Cinematics Innuendo Film Scores 2

After my guest mix earlier in the year (March 2011), I’ve kindly been given another opportunity to share another 2 hours of my favourite scores from modern film, television and video games. With 35 cues in total from 25 films, this is an eclectic mix of beautiful electronica from epic strings and action cues, to more mellow minimalist pieces spanning the last 25 years or so. As was the case with my first mix, this is a very personal mix, with many of my childhood favourites which first sparked my love for film music such as Casper, Home Alone and

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Cinematics DaveBateman Guest Mix June 2011

Tracklist: 00. Artist – Title – Label 01. M83 – You, Appearing – Mute Records 02. Nitrous Oxide – Amnesia (Chill Out Mix) – Anjunabeats 03. Hans Zimmer – Old Souls – Reprise Records 04. Zach Hemsey – Mind Heist – Reprise Records 05. Hans Zimmer – We Built Our Own World – Reprise Records 06. Thomas Newman – April – Nonesuch 07. Atticus Ross – Blind Faith – Sony Records 08. Hans Zimmer – 528491 – Reprise Records 09. Atticus Ross – Panoramic – Sony Records 10. David Crowder Band – Glorious Day – Sixstepsrecords 11. Various Production –

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Cinematics May Mixed by LATTY

[jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3551″] Tracklist: The Chemical Brothers – Sun Collapse Alex Heffes – Tavern Stalker Brian Reitzell – Dead Sister Paul Leonard – Phone Tap Alex Heffes – Towers of the Void The Chemical Brothers – Hannas Theme Brian Tyler – Battle Los Angeles Hymn Alexandre Desplat – Manunals Death Alexandre Desplat – Helicopter Flight Alexandre Desplat  – The Winch Group Paul Morgan – Limitless Brian Tyler – Tapping In Unknown – Infection Points Brian Tyler – Finding the Chip Deborah Lurie – Coins Marcelo Zarvos – Hunter and Zola Talk Brain Reitzell – Just a Fragment of You Paul

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Cinematics Guest Mix April Martyn Warren

A keen member of the Hybridized community, Martyn Warren has been producing (largely progressive) mixes for the past few years. He is a big fan of breaks, Progresive house, IDM, chillout, dub, film scores and anything else that makes his ears smile. Martyn’s sets are characterised by an invigorating blend of beautiful tracks showing a blatant disregard for age and genre, and he can’t resist a bit of haunting strings. [jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3444″] Download using iTunes Tracklist: Clouded (Royal Sapien’s Drone Remix) – Royal Sapien London Deserted – John Murphy The Necklace – Harry Gregson-Williams & David Buckley Opposites Attract

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Cinematics Innuendo Film Scores 1

Innuendo is the alter ego of progressive breaks producer, DJ and label owner Duane Barry consisting of melodic downtempo electronica and uplifting soundscapes. He is a huge fan of film scores/soundtracks and this mix is an eclectic collection of his favourite score pieces from modern film, television and video games. There are 40 pieces in total which have been grouped together by film/show/game to make up 18 tracks with an additional 4 Innuendo productions mixed in as well. From gorgeous piano, haunting electronica, uplifting orchestras and achingly-beautiful strings, he invites you to join him on a personal and inspiring journey

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Cinematics Live from Pangaea January

Cinematics Live @ Pangaea Saturday 29th January 2011 LATTY [jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3453″] Iiya Mosolov – Touch my soul Dalot – The reconstruction of Fives Dalot – loop over latitude Royal Sapien – Clouded Andrew benson – Before Glow Exoplanet – Fenomeen (Sed Remix) Arc of Doves – Megalopolis Tomandandy – Promise (Edit) Matthew Mageson – Jared is Changing (Edit) Brian Tyler – Losing his mind (Edit) Soulfinder – Poetic Dreams Royal Sapien Remix Dimitry Bessonov – Sahara Pavel Denisov  – Night Skies Stiven Rivic, Micheal & Leven – Cyacya Tomandandy – Discovery The Emissary – Synapse His Boy Elroy Remix

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