The International Soundtrack

A Electronic Score from [[Johnny Klimek]] and [[Reinhold Heil]] usually known for the [[Techno]] type scores but in this one opting for an orchestra which is obviously a good choice. This score is not the most upbeat to say the least but still provides stripped down textures and melodic rhythms which make this score fit nicely into mixing beds and [[Ambient]] [[Electronica]] DJ sets although can seem a little repetitive in places their use of Piano, Double bass strings and Mallets keeps you interested enough. Tracks to check out: On the way to Moody’s bail bonds and Security check. Find

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NoSushi and OldDog

Lament – NoSushi and OldDog Play Remix Ready Electronic Soundtrack style available to download. Harp and violin layers, calm and beautifull track. Collaboration between NoSushi and OldDog Visit Website

Hybrid Working On X-Men Origins Soundtrack : Wolverine

[[Hybrid]] have been in the studio working with [[Harry Gregson-Williams]] on the score for the forthcoming X-Men film Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. The guys have been working between LA and the UK and are currently holed up in their Derbyshire studio sending work back and forth to LA. Film arrives May 1st 2009 Read full story here

Vantage Point

One of my favourite soundtracks from last year [[Vantage Point]] was composed by Atli Örvarsson, an Icelandic film score composer and a member of Hans Zimmer’s production company Remote Control Productions. My recommended tracks are ‘President and Decoy’ and ‘Motorcade’ but i’d probably download the whole thing because there’s lots of interesting parts in it that once placed into DJ software you can do anything with. Verdict: Lots of nice elements throughout with cinematic textures and interesting design.

Concord IDM forums 002

The second Compilation from IDM forums Label, using tracks produced exclusively by forum members. This is a beautifully crafted compilation with tracks that i’ll be playing for some time. From the start this compilation just pulls you in and keeps you going to the end with layers and layers of Soundscapes and Electronic beats all with a Cinematic flow, nice. The 14 tracks download from IDM Forums Label. Read on for a description taken from IDMF label website below: Concord is pure sonic experimentation at its finest, an ambient journey of vibrant soundscapes that tear the very fabric of time

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