Spaces Mixes

sPaces27 – Ambient Electronica Progressive

Summer rain, breaking the heat and humidity, leaving behind a fresh calm air, and distinctive smell. Pressure broken, calm rests. Saturday night – Mosca Good enough – Trifonic Shikansen – Miwon Your Brilliant Flowers – KAITO Special moment (Gorm Sorenson Chillout mix) – Ben NIcky A grim winter awaits us – Mosca Breakwater – Airillusions Kaivalya – Elfsong, Aeron Aether Compiled and Arranged by Chris Mac Picture By LATTY

sPaces26 – Pure Electronic Soundtracks

The time has come for resting and letting the worries and stresses take care of themselves. Falling into sPaces26 will take you through a Cinematic Journey of mixed Ambient and Electronic Soundtracks that carries you into another place and leaves you there. [jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3539″] Tracklist: Alex Heffes – The Ballad Of Son James Horner – The Memorial Mark Isham – Tomorrow was supposed to be a special day James Horner – Two lives slowly converging Tyler Bates – Cemetery The Digital City – Complexity and Distance – Iambic – As the snow fell Thomas Newman – A bit Whimsical

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sPaces25(Proton Radio Exclusive) – Soundtrack Breaks Soundtracks

The sPaces DJs have Joined the Proton Radio DJ roster and will be playing their unique blend of Soundtracks and Cinematic Breaks as a live stream every 2nd Sunday at 1pm GMT. As a dedicated sPaces listener you get to catch the first 60 minutes of the show here! Exclusive to wastedsPaces. If you want to catch the the other half get yourself over to Proton Radio and subscribe to the on-demand show Cinematic Sessions. Compiled By LATTY Tracklist: LATTY – Soundtrack Breaks Soundtrack 1 Thomas Newman – A Tour Of Pleasures [Mca Records] 2 Atli Orvarssan – Explosion Aftermath

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sPaces24 – Beautiful Melodic Breaks

Sit and soak. wait and relax. let the day fall away and all the troubles and silence all the negative words that press into you . As you sit listen to the quiet voice of encouragement. You are worth it, You are valuable, You are loved. Not because of anything you have done. but simply because you are you. Tracklist: 1: Alva Noto: Xerrox Monophaser 2 2: Satsuma: Mauna Kea (talking by Bob Jones) 3: Popnoname: Nighliner 4: Vector Lovers: Afterglow 5: Soliquid: No land no Sky 6: Digital Witchcraft: Fingerpaint (Chris Mac edit) 7:Arthur Deep: Pheonix 8: Syna: Forever

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sPaces23 – Deep House Moods

Arrive home, switch on, peace out.

sPaces22 – Deep Cinematic Soundtracks

A mix by LATTY of Lush and deep Cinematic Soundtracks not for the fainthearted.

sPaces21 – Electronic Soundtrack Breaks

A new sound has begun.

A new day has begun and it brings a new website reviewing the best in Electronic Soundtrack and Cinematic Breaks.

In celebration of the new site LATTY brings a beautiful compilation of tracks that summarize the content of Electronic Soundtrack.

sPaces20 – Vocal Drum ‘n’ Breaks

We often avoid facing the dark side of ourselves. Softening the pain of past regrets and hurts and avoiding the pain of things we are ashamed of.

Sometimes we need to sit with the hurts and embarrassment of the past, sit and face the rawness and allow ourselves to face the dark side of our soul. Only then can we really move onto new hope.

sPaces19 – Soundtrack Ambient Soundscapes

Newcomer Andy Gee takes you through thoughtful, cinematic and soul stirring soundscapes, to create a space to relax, reflect, forget and get you ready for what is yet to come. Photo by Andy gee If you enjoy listening to any our podcasts please leave us a review on iTunes or your favourite download client, thank you. Tracklist:- Prologue:Carter Burwell Medieval waters: Carter Burwell Cape clear: Seth Lakeman Silk road: Tan dun crouching tiger hidden dragon soundtrack Cumulus: Imogen Heap The anhtkythera mechanism:BT Trouble in paradise: unkle Compiled by Andy Gee Download at iTunes

sPaces18 – Minimal Cinema Tech

    New beginnings and with it we bring A new sound for the Soul. Minimal Cinematech arrangements engage your New Year with fresh kicks of energy and resolution for the times ahead. Facing forward we continue with surprising elements and new names, bringing you sounds that complete the soundtrack to your Journey. *If you enjoy listening to any our podcasts please leave us a review on iTunes or your favourite download client, thank you. Picture by LATTY Tracklist: High Rising: Allsorts – LATTY Chop Mix Brian Tyler: Bangkok Dangerous – The compound shootout LATTY ChopShop Edit Brian Tyler: Fast

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sPaces17 – Detroit Tech Notes

This session, Thom takes us into the new year with a pure tech mix. Taking influences from the Detroit tech scene, Tom guides us again through another transition, from the ambient quiet times of the last sPace into the moving techno notes of this; from the end of one year into the start of another we hope you enjoy this sPace. *If you enjoy listening to any our podcasts, please leave us a review on iTunes or your favourite download client, thank you. Picture by Thom Musgrove Tracklist Fabrice lig:Enter tokem* Duplex:Meta Lusine:The stop Luomo:Slow dying places Laurent Garnier:unreasonable behaiviour

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sPaces16 – Ambient Progressive Styles

The end of something is the start of something new, taking us further in the journey. We try out new things, new styles, experiment, each ending being the platform for a new beginning. This is an exploration of new spaces. Photo by Fran Breen Compiled and arranged by Chris Mac Tracklist: Velius: Helios Coming home: Way out west (chris mac destroyed this track edit / Come to me (accapella): James Holden Heavy Mellow: Chris Coco Good Morning Kaia: BT Credits: David Wingo and Jeff McIlwain/ Silicon Valley astronomy lecture series: David Grinspoon Sway Strings Outro: Culprit 1(chris Mac didn’t get

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