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sPaces4 – Acoustic Electro Acoustic Pt 1

This session we delve into an Acoustic, Folk and electronic blends, so much so that we had to do it in two parts. Part one takes you into thoughtful even meditative spaces with just a hint of nostalgia, just enough to make you pine for the next installment where we go a little deeper still, into the Acoustic Electronic Folk experimental sound for the soul. Picture By LATTY

sPaces3 – Soundscapes and new Electrics

We continue with another inspirational journey through sounds and the cinematic. In this search for something to inspire we travel again through musical boundaries – Classical, Drum n Bass, Electronica to the Progressive. We hope you can hold on for the next session as we continue upwards and onwards into new Acoustic and Folk rhythms for the soul.

sPaces2 – Progressive and Classical elements

sPaces continues with another new sound for your soul. Chris Mac takes us through a landscape of beats, beauty and musical environments selected from his classical to progressive house collection. Creating sPaces where we can find rest at our best and worst times. These are his sPaces. Tracklist: Sigur ros: untitled 3  from album BT:1.618 (from This binary universe) James Newton Howard: 25 dollars worth ‘(from Michael Clayton soundtrack) Four tet: Slow jam (from Rounds)

sPaces1 – Cinematic sounds and Broken Beats

In this Podcast we have LATTY part of MyFamily, bringing his blend of Broken Beat Progressive and Electronic styles, creating a unique and layered cinematic experience; providing a new sound for the soul. Tracklist: BT – All that makes us human continues – This Binary Universe/ Time – 4hero & Ursula Rucker – Creating Patterns Black & Red – Jon Hopkins – Contact Note/Possibly – Andrea Guerra Glasstop – Jon Hopkins – Contact Note /Jonny Miller – Rise Jonny Miller – Rise Before – Dzihan & Kamien – Freaks And Icons/Black & Red – Jon Hopkins Always Something Better –

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