A Conversation with Valerio Matola

Valerio Matola Pianist and Composer originating from Italy, was born in a musical family and by the age of 7 wrote his first compositions. He later came to Athens and studied Classical Piano and Composition at the Greek National Conservatory.
Wrote several works for Films / Video art / Theatre and contemporary dance plays.

Valerio you composed your first song at the age of five. Are you from a musical family?

Yes, my father was a guitar player and singer and his grandmother was a well known opera singer.At the time I was born my father was working as a musician for the king of Jordan. We stayed in Amman for some years and then we moved to South Italy which is my father’s native country. When I was 8 years old we came to Greece where I am living right now.

So you took piano lessons in Greece? You have studied at the National Greek Conservatorium. That was you first encounter with classical composers?

Well actually yes. My parents did not listen too much classical music so the first time I listened Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Prokovief, Liszt to name some of the composers that have inspired me a lot was at the conservatorium. My teacher was Russian, a student of Tatiana Nikolayeva and he introduced me to Russian composers mainly. I studied with him for a couple of years and then with another teacher but soon found out that I wanted to write my own music.

That’s why you are an accomplished piano player. Your interpretations receive very good comments as well as your compositions. So tell me how is your life now?

I live in a suburb near the sea. I have a passion for nature and especially for free diving. So I have the chance to dive two to three times per week . Ideally I would like to move to an island and be able to work with my music and dive every day.

Do you find inspiration in nature? What inspires you to write music?

Yes, nature fascinates me. The colours of the sky, the changing shapes of the clouds, the mist in the air, the depth and the mystery of the sea. But a big part of my work comes also from incidents that have happened to me. From the way I look at things.