The Awakening by Clemens Ruh


Arian Hagen Atmospheric Electronic Compositions

Album showcase from Arian Hagen a composer/producer from Halle (Germany). His sound is a mix between classical pieces and atmospheric electronic compositions. Streaming and on Demand 8pm & 2am

London – DC Electronic Composer

A mix by London-DC Electronic composer based in London. Streaming now and On Demand.

Neil Milton Skies

Warsaw based Scottish musician Neil Milton – whose music is described as a “snowdrift of ambient soundscapes, electronic experiments and haunting, elegant modern-classical compositions” – will release a pay-what-you-like, Creative Commons licensed double e.p. set on Manchester’s Valentine Records on August 13th 2012. The double e.p. is available from the label’s bandcamp website, valentinerecords.bandcamp.com.The first e.p. is titled ‘Skies’ and contains 4 modern-classical compositions including longtime favourite, ‘Elegy for Tramway’; a lullaby written for Neil’s 1 year old niece, Charlotte, called ‘As You Sleep’; and a new song called ‘Taiwan’. ‘Skies’ predominantly features piano and string quartet, though on the

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sPaces26 – Pure Electronic Soundtracks

The time has come for resting and letting the worries and stresses take care of themselves. Falling into sPaces26 will take you through a Cinematic Journey of mixed Ambient and Electronic Soundtracks that carries you into another place and leaves you there. [jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3539″] Tracklist: Alex Heffes – The Ballad Of Son James Horner – The Memorial Mark Isham – Tomorrow was supposed to be a special day James Horner – Two lives slowly converging Tyler Bates – Cemetery The Digital City – Complexity and Distance – Iambic – As the snow fell Thomas Newman – A bit Whimsical

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Chilled Classics DJ Mix – DJ Tigger

A nice trip down memory lane. With a beautiful compilation of Chilled Ambient classics from DJ Tigger. Play Loads of other mixed sets to be found at his website

Electronic Soundtrack – Passengers

Score by Edward Shearmur A tasty little Ambient almost haunting score with Piano and layered strings. Overall its a very well put together score that is becoming one of my favorite Cinematic Ambient OSTs.  Lots of material  for DJ sets or just an easy listen. Give it a try a Amazon

TES Video – Brian Tyler Studio tour

Brian gives us a quick look around his studio and all the instruments he plays. for myspacetv. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72jq0KGrSJg

TES Video – Charlie Clouser

Film music composer and keyboard player from Nine Inch Nails gives us a behind the scenes look at the composition behind the kick ass Resident Evil: Extinction score. Charlie Clouser:Lakeshore Records http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD9JjX-vhoo

Natural Ambient Sounds

Some very nice Natural sounding Cinematic and Ambient Soundscapes from  Off The Sky Here’s the direct links Found at Play my tape Play

sPaces22 – Deep Cinematic Soundtracks

A mix by LATTY of Lush and deep Cinematic Soundtracks not for the fainthearted.


CyrusFX gives us little taste of his broad music composition expertise with this little Electronica number that tickles the mallets. Inspired by the DIY home studio technology revolution (a la Brian Eno, Aphex Twin & Global Communication), Fx vowed to be at the forefront of how it applied to the cultivation of new and modern musics (whether or not they are bonafide are up to you). Traversing the grounds of hip hop, funk, house, ambient & techno, no one genre can suitably capture his array of musical endeavors. Download here. Download more CyrusFX at Podshow http://www.myspace.com/cyrusfx

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