John. D. Reedy – The Great Long Distance Review

In his new album, London-based composer John. D. Reedy has used his multi-instrumentalist background to create a mosaic of human emotion. “The Great Long Distance,” is a musical account of the first twelve months of a long distance relationship. Each track on the album reflects each month’s experiences, and the album therefore has its most profound effect when heard sequentially from beginning to end. This album takes listeners through both the ups and downs of the human experience. Reedy’s ambient composition style engulfs us, creating a cocoon of sound that allows listeners to absorb every emotion the music exhumes. His

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Ambient and Electronic album from Neue – Structure

Designer and musician Mike Lemmon gave birth to his brainchild Neue about three years in the past. Earlier this year, he released an album named ‘Structure’ under the banner of this project. The 33 minute album features ambient soundscapes, drones, haunting beats and warm melodies in layers placed upon layers.

Structure commences with ‘Dawn’, which sets the mood for the album starting with the benign sounds of flowing water and chirping of birds. The track introduces a warm piano melody which prepares the listener for what is coming next in this introspective musical journey. As the intro track fades out, electronic percussion beats are introduced with ‘Into the Distance’. In a funky atmosphere set by this track, the listener knows that they’ve taken off on a soul-stirring journey and as the groovy bass discharges, it serves as fuel for imagination and visualization. With the second track ending into a distance, the journey suddenly takes a haunted route with high tempo beats, a cutthroat bass and high pitched notes with expansive reverberation.

Máistrí – “Melodure” – Featuring – Hugh Doolan [Guitar] – Download

Classical soundscapes from Maistri ahead of his first compilation as part of The Composer Series. Starting tomorrow on Frisky Radio then streaming daily only on spacesfm

Ambient Pianos

Modern Classical & Ambient piano music, streaming on spacesfm 7AM 6PM GMT