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An Interview with Stray Theories

We had the privilege of interviewing “Micah. A Musician/Composer. I release most of my music under the name ‘Stray Theories’.” Here’s what else he had to say.

Tell is who you are in 140 characters, twitter style?

Micah. A Musician/Composer. I release most of my music under the name ‘Stray Theories’.

Which part of world are you from and what inspires you about it?

I am from Sydney, Australia, but now I live in the South Island of New Zealand, two very different places

Where I live in New Zealand is quiet, but incredibly beautiful & scenic, always inspiring. Sydney is busy and buzzing with all sorts of life & culture, both places inspire me.

What makes Micah tick?

Music & any form of art/creativity.. new experiences & places, improvisation, live music, family.. they all inspire me and keep me motivated ..

Describe yourself as an producer artist what is your style?

I love to create deep, atmospheric, melodic sounds – especially densely layered soundscapes..
Over time my style/approach has changed alot. My first love has always been more minimal ambient styles of music and in the last few years I have gone back to that. I also love darker experimental music.

London – DC Electronic Composer

A mix by London-DC Electronic composer based in London. Streaming now and On Demand.

Download IDMf010: Between the Silence and Story

The long-awaited tenth volume off the IDMf netlabel [] is one of the best yet. Including previously released artists as well as new talent, this compilation once again displays the incredible skill, variety, and collaborative efforts of like-minded electronic music producers who contribute to the netlabel and its adjacent forum. [] IDMf010 explores the musical idea of balance, each track complimenting the other in a way that creates a seamless album of electronic music touching on (and sometimes crossing over) multiple genres: breaks, dnb, dubstep, IDM, ambient, downtempo, industrial, and more. This compilation pulls us in from the beginning and

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Discover music more easily and legally on YouTube.

If you want easier ways to discover music on YouTube, just start here. The revamped music page – part of a redesign showcases the most viewed music videos, special promotions, curated playlists, unsigned talent and gives you the ability to create on-the-fly mixes. For example, in the mood for electronic beats? Just scroll down to that genre and click “play” for an instant playlist.

Wunderk1nd – Emotional Soundscapes 6

More Emotional Soundscaping loveliness from Wunderk1nd. You can grab the two disks worth of music for your listening enjoyment this Sunday night by going to their Soundcloud site.  Links to follow. Enjoy: Wunderk1nd – Emotional Soundscapes 6 (Disc 1) by wunderk1nd Wunderk1nd – Emotional Soundscapes 6 (Disc 2) by wunderk1nd

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