James Joshua Otto – And then, the mountains moved

“And then, the mountains moved” – an EP that captivates and uplifts with a refreshingly harmonious bellow; one that threatens to tear the world away and leave you lost in contemplation. With an ethereal tranquility that appears to pulsate in time with the landscape it claims to represent, natural, classical and contemporary inspiration becomes apparent, with juxtaposing genres complimenting each other magnificently. James Joshua Otto achieves high levels of quality through his expression of skill; a great sense of depth and drama become immediately apparent and set the precedent from the opening of the first track “One step enough” – a gentle introduction which foreshadows the excellence yet to be discovered.

Julien Mier Mix

Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands. known for his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. plays spacesfm March 4th 2am & 8pm

Soft Note Cinematic Soundscapes

Philipp Kalchuk is Soft Note, the Russian born Ambient Composer. plays Ambient Soundscapes on spacesfm.

In Conversation with Soft Note

Philipp Kalchuk is the Russian Born Ambient Composer known as Soft Note. He’s doing a mix for us broadcasting on the 4th February, for now we find out a little bit more about him.

Hello! Let’s go 🙂

Tell is who you are in 140 characters, twitter style
I am 25 years old man who loves music. I wanted to be a painter but I realized that creating landscapes with sound is more interesting.

Which part of world are you from and what’s the best thing about it?
I am from Omsk, Russia. It is Siberia. We have an interesting climate, up to +40c in summer and down to -40c in winter. I love the people who live here because they are very kind for living in such severe place, many people here have such a strong spirit.

Describe yourself as a producer what is your style?
I like to create atmospheric and detailed soundscapes. At first my style was futuristic but now I am very close to the spirit, nature and the universe. I also love experimental Ambient.

What thing makes you happiest about the current music scene?
The best in the current music scene is that it is easily accessible. You can find almost anything that you want. I love digital releases simply because it is hard to find rare or limited albums on CD in our city and I prefer to pay directly to the artist and download his or her albums.

Stray Theories

The New year starts with a bang. Stray Theories is the Ambient Electronica project of Australian born musician/composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe. Streaming now and On Demand

Rick Tedesco Progressive DJ

Any thoughts behind your track choice and placement for your mix?
“For this mix in general, I wanted to utilize deep, melodic, atmospheric and progressive breaks with a bit of a pyramid shape and form. I wanted the mix to start slow and deep and gradually move towards a more progressive and aggressive territory, then gradually wind back down.”

What inspires your best music creation moments?
“Everyday life!”

What’s the latest exciting project you’re working on?
“Trukers and I just finished a remix for the band The Panic Division, which is a rock/electronic group. The stems were super fun to play with and it was a bit different moulding a rock song into a progressive breaks track. All and all, we are really happy with the end result and the feedback has been great.”

Favourite composers, producers or DJs at the moment and why?
This is a hard one as there are so many talented artists out there… I would say BT, Trukers, Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Schodt, Geon, Abdomen Burst, Colombo and many more. As for why, well these artist all have signature styles of electronic music and to be honest, they were the first to come to mind.”

What tracks are getting the most rotation in your sets at the moment?
“When it comes to progressive breaks, I would say Trukers, Alfoa, Digital Department, Schodt, Evgeny KoTT & Abdomen Burst. When it comes to playing live and or more aggressive breaks, I would say Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Geon & Colombo”

Any words of inspiration for the people out there?
“Do what you love and love what you do!”

Soft Note – Spirit Walker Download

Soft note is a Russian Film and Ambient composer. In his own words “This album is an attempt to combine orchestral music with soundscapes.” I say he achieved it. His use of laying strings and subtle electronic textures in the title track Spirit Walker carries the listener on a cinematic journey through layers of sound. playing on spaces radio There’s a free download of the four track EP available on bandcamp. Tracklist 1.Spirit Walker 08:25 2.Highlands 06:34 3.Beneath the Stars 07:03 4.Spirits of Desert 07:08

Cinematics – Film Scores & Breaks

Every first sunday tune into frisky radio for Cinematics. Playing emotive film scores and Breaks.

East Cafe Innuendo Remix download

A new East Cafe Remix from Innuendo on Digital Sensation UK.The original is a fantastic piece of uplifting breaks and using many of these elements, I’ve created a deep and dreamy track with soft pads, harp & mallet counter-melodies and subtle soundscapes to complement the wonderful guitar, vocal, piano and marimba hooks. Now available to download for FREE as a big thank you for all the support for my Innuendo project. Thanks to everyone who bought it , If you like the track and would like to consider purchasing as well it’s available @ Beatport and everywhere else. Thanks for

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Wunderk1nd – Emotional Soundscapes 6

More Emotional Soundscaping loveliness from Wunderk1nd. You can grab the two disks worth of music for your listening enjoyment this Sunday night by going to their Soundcloud site.  Links to follow. Enjoy: Wunderk1nd – Emotional Soundscapes 6 (Disc 1) by wunderk1nd Wunderk1nd – Emotional Soundscapes 6 (Disc 2) by wunderk1nd

sPaces19 – Soundtrack Ambient Soundscapes

Newcomer Andy Gee takes you through thoughtful, cinematic and soul stirring soundscapes, to create a space to relax, reflect, forget and get you ready for what is yet to come. Photo by Andy gee If you enjoy listening to any our podcasts please leave us a review on iTunes or your favourite download client, thank you. Tracklist:- Prologue:Carter Burwell Medieval waters: Carter Burwell Cape clear: Seth Lakeman Silk road: Tan dun crouching tiger hidden dragon soundtrack Cumulus: Imogen Heap The anhtkythera mechanism:BT Trouble in paradise: unkle Compiled by Andy Gee Download at iTunes

sPaces11 – Sounds Progressive Soundscapes

Dave Bateman Joins us this week and for his first outing as he takes us on a return trip – lifting off we go straight into soundtrack-soundscapes taking us through into a little progressive house after which we then return home with another soundscaping space to finish. Picture taken by Dave Bateman 01. Above And Beyond – In The Past 02. Ascension – For A lifetime (Lustral Sunset Mix) 03. Chicane – Overture 04. Chicane – Offshore 05. Hybrid – Altitude (Red Square Mix) 06. Hybrid – Zulu (Pure Mix) 07. Chicane – From Blue To Green 08. Andy Hunter

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