Lights & Motion – Save Your Heart (Deep Elm Music)

Lights and Motion – Save Your Heart

This is a beautifully optimistic album, the first track Heartbeats starts gradually with the light of new hope. It shines warmly on the soul and melts the last shadows of depression. The tempo picks up and takes us running through sunlit fields, to a place where a new beginning can be found. It sets the tone for the transcending experience of the whole album. For me it stands out in the genres of Post-rock and Cinematic music, it has something more to offer. Lights and Motion are comparable with Two Steps from Hell, AudioMachine and Keith Kenniff to give the listener an idea of what to expect.

Ultraviolet and Sparks carry us forward in a rush of elation and almost unbearable joy. Shimmer gives us a welcome moment to pause and catch our breath. The tone deepens and seems to contemplate the clouds above in darkening winter skies, and the cycle of life which dictates that everything must come to a natural end. We are taken on an emotional journey, a journey that we will never forget and which can only leave us changed. Snow is one of the most memorable songs for me, it sounds like the sparkle of snow on the ground and captures the childlike excitement of the first snowfall in winter. It invites us to dance with the children in the snow and follow their white footprints as they lead the way.

Genesis, Mark Petrie New Album

Mark Petrie finally released some of his huge trailer scores after requests from many listeners. The new release namned Genesis is full of building compositions, high impact drums, big choirs and subtle electronic programming. Markis  also known for composition on many a TV series which the extensive the list on IMDB gives a great account for but for me it’s trailer composition that gets the vote and the airplay. His writing includes music for many major trailers, recently The Amazing SpiderMan and love it or hate it, The Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn. The release has 27 tracks and can be

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Darkness & Wonder – Part 4 – (Mix – Final Part)

The final part of a lovely film score mix by Leighton Masters Darkness & Wonder – Part 4 – (Mix – Final Part) by Leighton Masters darkness-wonder-part-4-final-part The first three parts can be found here “classical film score soundtrack collection Leighton masters mix filmscore OST” Content : Film Score/Soundtrack & Classical. A selection of particular favorite tracks from both film & classical music. Part 4 of 4. ** Contains 2tracks from my new project “Elements Of Change” to be released via Itunes soon ** NOTE: All tracks contained in this mix © Copyright their respected owners. 1. 1-1 – Brian

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The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Harry Gregson-Williams has a great style of music mixing the Electronic and classical and this score demonstrates that. The taking of Pelham 1 2 3 is the best Electronic/Classical i’ve heard for some time now, if u haven’t got it go buy it.. Tracks that are a must are: An Ass Model Named Lavitka Garber Meets Ryder “It’s Me, Man!” Something On the Track

Electronic Soundtrack – Passengers

Score by Edward Shearmur A tasty little Ambient almost haunting score with Piano and layered strings. Overall its a very well put together score that is becoming one of my favorite Cinematic Ambient OSTs.  Lots of material  for DJ sets or just an easy listen. Give it a try a Amazon

The International Soundtrack

A Electronic Score from [[Johnny Klimek]] and [[Reinhold Heil]] usually known for the [[Techno]] type scores but in this one opting for an orchestra which is obviously a good choice. This score is not the most upbeat to say the least but still provides stripped down textures and melodic rhythms which make this score fit nicely into mixing beds and [[Ambient]] [[Electronica]] DJ sets although can seem a little repetitive in places their use of Piano, Double bass strings and Mallets keeps you interested enough. Tracks to check out: On the way to Moody’s bail bonds and Security check. Find

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Hybrid Working On X-Men Origins Soundtrack : Wolverine

[[Hybrid]] have been in the studio working with [[Harry Gregson-Williams]] on the score for the forthcoming X-Men film Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. The guys have been working between LA and the UK and are currently holed up in their Derbyshire studio sending work back and forth to LA. Film arrives May 1st 2009 Read full story here