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An Interview with Stray Theories

We had the privilege of interviewing “Micah. A Musician/Composer. I release most of my music under the name ‘Stray Theories’.” Here’s what else he had to say.

Tell is who you are in 140 characters, twitter style?

Micah. A Musician/Composer. I release most of my music under the name ‘Stray Theories’.

Which part of world are you from and what inspires you about it?

I am from Sydney, Australia, but now I live in the South Island of New Zealand, two very different places

Where I live in New Zealand is quiet, but incredibly beautiful & scenic, always inspiring. Sydney is busy and buzzing with all sorts of life & culture, both places inspire me.

What makes Micah tick?

Music & any form of art/creativity.. new experiences & places, improvisation, live music, family.. they all inspire me and keep me motivated ..

Describe yourself as an producer artist what is your style?

I love to create deep, atmospheric, melodic sounds – especially densely layered soundscapes..
Over time my style/approach has changed alot. My first love has always been more minimal ambient styles of music and in the last few years I have gone back to that. I also love darker experimental music.

New to the playlist: Stray Theories, Good Weather for an Airstrike and Exist Strategy

Two new records from two Ambient Classical giants. Stray Theories releases another album entitled ‘Those Who Remain’ although ‘Even Tho We Sleep’ is still getting played heavily on my sets. This album maintains the high quality sound that were used to from Micah, subtle strings, pad lines and living Piano are all the things that made ‘Even Tho….’ so playable and this album contains all of them in abundance, a step forward for Micah that continues to keep him as a spacesfm Ambient Classical favourite. Album is also available on limited edition cassette released by Already Dead Tapes & Records

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Stray Theories

The New year starts with a bang. Stray Theories is the Ambient Electronica project of Australian born musician/composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe. Streaming now and On Demand

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Gang Violins came into existence on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Gang Violins make wordless music that speaks to you. Personnel includes current and ex-members of An Emerald City, Stray Theories and Sora Shima.