Lucy Claire – A Selection of Compositions

Lucy Claire is a London based composer originally from the North East of England compiles a selection music for The Composer Series. A mix of post classical composers, indie and music selected from her personal compositions.

Lucy trained at London’s Royal College of Music in composition and music for the moving image Lucy has collaborated with many filmmakers, choreographers and artists on projects as well as releasing solo work and performing live around London. Lucy is currently writing and recording her debut album for a release in Autumn 2015.

Kalìe Hendrix Endresen & Fabrizio Piepoli Piano & Vocals

Some new music from a collaboration between Fabrizio Piepoli & Kalìe Hendrix Endresen. Coming from Italy Fabrizio is a multi-instrumentalist and composer and Kalie being the singer, together they provide two beautifully layered ambient piano and vocal songs.

Free Download Owsey, Stumbleine & Resotone

Happy weekend, have a free download. Owesey Stumbleine & Resotone!

sPaces4.2 – Acoustic Electro Acoustic Pt 2

As promised the second part of last weeks show is here as we continue blending good music for you to find spaces.

sPaces4 – Acoustic Electro Acoustic Pt 1

This session we delve into an Acoustic, Folk and electronic blends, so much so that we had to do it in two parts. Part one takes you into thoughtful even meditative spaces with just a hint of nostalgia, just enough to make you pine for the next installment where we go a little deeper still, into the Acoustic Electronic Folk experimental sound for the soul. Picture By LATTY