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Concord IDM forums 002

The second Compilation from IDM forums Label, using tracks produced exclusively by forum members.

This is a beautifully crafted compilation with tracks that i’ll be playing for some time.

From the start this compilation just pulls you in and keeps you going to the end with layers and layers of Soundscapes and Electronic beats all with a Cinematic flow, nice. The 14 tracks download from IDM Forums Label.

Read on for a description taken from IDMF label website below:

Concord is pure sonic experimentation at its finest, an ambient journey of vibrant soundscapes that tear the very fabric of time & space, taking your ears to places you never thought existed. This release will tap into your emotions, put a smile on your face & help you appreciate the sheer beauty that these 14 artists have crafted.

Concord is the much anticipated the second release from the IDM Forums. We have delved deep into the depths of the Ambient & Soundscape genre to bring you 14 tracks of sheer beauty.


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