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Garden of Eden Ambient Chilout Mix DJ Ollis

Welcome to garden of Eden, where everything is pure and in natural state.
Release to infinity and sense the perfection of this place… we all have it inside of us.

ambient, chill


01. Pan: Garden [Lemongrassmusic] 02. Deuter: Four [New Earth] 03. Chicane: Early [Xtravaganza] 04. Brock Van Wey: Too Little Too Late [Echospace] 05. Roger Martinez: Air [Affin] 06. Olafur Arnalds: …Og Lengra [Erased Tapes] 07. Hans Zimmermann: The Last Samurai – A Way Of Life [Elektra] 08. Ralf Hildenbeutel: Ice Dancer (Largo) [Soundcolours] 09. Atrium Sun: Abyss (Elfsong’s Deep In The Abyss Mix) [Mistiquemusic] 10. Blank & Jones: Rumble [Soundcolours] 11. Deuter: Cinque [New Earth] 12. Pan: Garden [Lemongrassmusic]


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