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Harry Gregson Williams Mix for Tony Scott One Year On

One year ago Tony Scott died, a great film director and friend to Harry Gregson Williams, Harry one composer that gets my support for his use of electronic and cinematic sounds in his compositions they are always a great journey. Harry has put together a selection of cues that he composed for Tony Scott films, I think you’ll enjoy.

A message from Harry.

1 year ago today Tony Scott took his own life and it’s still as if he must be about to call me and shout ‘get ready H, this next one is going to be a hell of a ride!’ They were all helter skelter experiences with Tony, of course.

Sadly no call will come this time.

Today I am in Boston on the set of my next movie just getting a feel for what the director is going for. Denzel W is the star… strange it is then that Tony isn’t at the helm. I remember showing up in Times Square, NY, on the set of Pelham some years ago and Tony smiling and chuckling at my sense of awe that he had held up traffic in that city to get a quick shot of Denzel running around the streets. He loved what he did.

Here is a quick edit of some cues from a couple of his movies and a TV show we did called Sanctuary.


Miss you Tone.

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