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LATTY BeatTunes artist of the month


Beattunes September artist of the month. Get yourself over to the Facebook page to hear an exclusive mix for the underground online site for quality clubbing music.


The Chemical Brothers – Sun Collapse
Paul Leonard – Apartment Carnage
Zack Hemsey – Graven Image Edit
Apartment Carnage – reprise
David Buckley – Eye in the Sky
Zack Hemsey – This is our Legacy Edit
Taking over – Unknown Edit
Alexey Sonar – Losing Myself Edit
Shiloh, Steve Andrews – Flywheel
Alexandre Desplat – A Better Life Edit
Tee Ex as Simple As that Edit
His Boy Elroy – Glimmer
Oleg B – Walk on Planet Edit
Beatman Oh Sziv Mash
Royal Sapien – Logic And Truth
Unknown – Richardson
Brussels Phil – Show Idea


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