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Without EP by Nate Connelly

Without EP By Nate Connelly

Nate Connelly deeply Ambient music with a cinematic edge haunting vocals and textured strings.

“It is full of feel and emotion with a streak of melancholy and also very psychedelic with a touch of an alien feel. The sound and structures of the compositions are irresistible and just suck you in. It is music from the other side. We invite you to cross over.”

[bandcamp album=3415945672 bgcol=F9F9F9 linkcol=555555 height=250 size=grande2]

Released 10 December 2012

Written and produced by Nate Connelly.

All tracks (c) + (p) Aleph Zero Records, 2012.

Digital and analog mastering by Twerk @ Audible Oddities.

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