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Cinematics May Mixed by LATTY

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The Chemical Brothers – Sun Collapse
Alex Heffes – Tavern Stalker
Brian Reitzell – Dead Sister
Paul Leonard – Phone Tap
Alex Heffes – Towers of the Void
The Chemical Brothers – Hannas Theme
Brian Tyler – Battle Los Angeles Hymn
Alexandre Desplat – Manunals Death
Alexandre Desplat – Helicopter Flight
Alexandre Desplat  – The Winch Group
Paul Morgan – Limitless
Brian Tyler – Tapping In
Unknown – Infection Points
Brian Tyler – Finding the Chip
Deborah Lurie – Coins
Marcelo Zarvos – Hunter and Zola Talk
Brain Reitzell – Just a Fragment of You
Paul Leonard – Icedive Reconstuction
Rennie Pilgrem – Dont Burn
Tom Lue – Wish you were here Dynamic Illusion Mix
Chris Nemmo – Nightshade Retroid Remix
Flashtech – Granulated
Abdomen Burst – Morning Stars
Julianne Ann – King of Solitude
Mobilize – Moment of Peace
Duane Barry – Soft Light
Unknown – Escher Loop
George F Zimmer – Decoration

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