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Cinematics October


Tom and Andy – Discovery
Flash Brothers – Leaving Behind Panic
Deep in Calm – Progress
Arthur Deep – Purple Silence
Phrakture – The Melody is in her eyes
Phrakture – (Even more) Clockwork Lats Edit
DJ Orion, J Shore – Deep Blue
ConsolerCtrl – IADNS
Grids Units Planes – Emotions in Binary
Andrew Thomas – Dream of a Spider
Tom and Andy – Up
Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Especially for them
DJ Orion, J Shore – When all the ships are gone
Gabriel Yared and Stephane Moucha – Das Leben Der Anderen
Atrium Carcer – First Steps
Brian Tyler – Losing My Mind
Charlie Clouser – Flusolated
Artiest Onbekend – The Rez
Tom and Andy – Arcadia
Brian Tyler – Fate
Atticus Ross – The Passenger
Rolfe Kent – To Sea
Mobilize – Moment of peace

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