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Download IDMf010: Between the Silence and Story

IDMf010: Between the Silence and Story

The long-awaited tenth volume off the IDMf netlabel [] is one of the best yet. Including previously released artists as well as new talent, this compilation once again displays the incredible skill, variety, and collaborative efforts of like-minded electronic music producers who contribute to the netlabel and its adjacent forum. []

IDMf010 explores the musical idea of balance, each track complimenting the other in a way that creates a seamless album of electronic music touching on (and sometimes crossing over) multiple genres: breaks, dnb, dubstep, IDM, ambient, downtempo, industrial, and more. This compilation pulls us in from the beginning and carries us through an aural coliseum where the combating forces of sound move us into the eye of the storm, until silence takes over and the story lives on.


01 GBSR – Give It To The Drummer (3:37)
02 Anodyne Industries – Body Weapon (7:02)
03 Terrapin – Blue Algae (5:37)
04 Synaecide – Mind & Machine (5:11)
05 The Verb – Trailbrekaer (tuneboxii Remix) (5:15)
06 Aaron Goodwyn – Atonement (4:12)
07 Fidelium – God Tank (5:00)
08 Julien Mier – Closetlights (4:22)
09 ConsolerCtrl – IADNS (6:22)
10 Fletcher Patch – My Face Fuvk (9:33)
11 Thousand Watt Smile – We Will Build It (2:39)
12 Sourone – What’s True Won’t Drown (4:36)
13 Morpion – Shredding Nails (4:32)
14 Mosaic Mosaic – While We Sleep (3:00)
15 Worms of the Earth – Arupadhatu (5:21)
16 Jazzyspoon – Supernova Lifestyle (6:30)
17 Grids/Units/Planes – Emotions in Binary (3:30)
18 Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Especially for Them (Part 1) (10:15)

“A man steps into the universe because he is summoned. The spirits call. Motion begins. Fate ravels. Once he is in, there is no turning back: He is the spark between not being and being, between vacuum and life ― between the silence and story.” – Marie Arana

Produced and arranged by Wayne Baker and Nathan Schwartz
Mastered by Ben Walthew
Album art by Tommy Delvärn
IDMf Netlabel managed by Wayne “Fidelium” Baker


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