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Jessica Elizabeth Kelly – The Composer Series

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Jessica Elizabeth Kelly

Jessica Elizabeth Kelly is a singer/songwriter and soundtrack composer based near London and York, England. She is currently studying Music Composition and Technology at the University of Hertfordshire and has just started the final year of her degree.

As well as writing music she also enjoys performing music and busking in her local area. She is a pianist and singer and enjoys all forms of art including the performing Arts. She has also written musicals in the past such as a dark remake of the classic children’s story Alice in Wonderland in 2010. A song in aid of Blue Friday which is national anti bullying day in 2008 and most recently her music has been featured in John Mattiuzzi’s film, The Compositor.


1. Tides
2. Shells
3. Lights in Darkness
4. Stone Cold
5. News Jingle
6. Tree Dance
7. The Idealist
8. Seanna
9. Spaces Odyssey
10. Blow Up
11. Elsewhere
12. Why So Serious
13. Chasing Skies

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