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Juuso Auvinen – Ambient Electronica and Minimal Classical

Juuso Auvinen

Juuso Auvinen is a Helsinki-based composer and musician. His versatile musical background ranges from choirs to rock bands to ambient electronica and classical scores. Juuso is a classically trained guitarist and has a degree in musicology from the University of Helsinki.

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His style is somewhat classical minimal with influences from great minimalists like Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and Michael Nyman.


1. Glasshouse #2
2. A Necessary Ruin – Beginning
3. Icarus of Pittsburgh – Opening
4. Icarus of Pittsburgh – The Flight
5. Icarus of Pittsburgh – The Greenest Grass
6. Icarus of Pittsburgh – Closing
7. Telly Waltz
8. The Droid Is Present
9. Melody #4
10. Blue Miniature
11. Guitar Phrase
12. Underwater
13. Kaleidoscopic Waves
14. Choral Part3
A plea For Modernisation #1
Scenic Highway
A Necessary Ruin – The End

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  1. Just to reiterate, I listened to Juuso_Auvinen_Ambient_Electronica_Minimal_Classical.mp3
    I think it’s fabulous and easily the best compilation I found on this website.

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