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Label Feature – Spiritech Records


Spiritech Independent record label present a their music. Spiritech founded by Albert Borkent aka Lingua Lustra and Alireza Zaifnejad aka Blue Bliss in early 2011 to bring high quality electronic sounds product.

Playing 10am and 10pm GMT

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1.Lingua Lustra – Elliptical(Spiritech Records-The Future is Poetry[one]-2012
2.Lingua Lustra – Bee Story(Spiritech Records-The Future is Poetry[one]-2012)
3.Lingua Lustra – Meditation(Spiritech Records-Green Freq-2011)
4.Blue Bliss – Mindless Rythm(Spiritech Records-Stillness-2011)
5.Blue Bliss – Gorgeous Structure(Spiritech Records-Velvet Vibration-2012)
6.Gis Sweden – Gratramular(Spiritech Records-Particles Rain-2012)
7.Virlyn – Flake(Spiritech Records-Scrap Book-2012)
8.Rainbow Vector – Machinescape(Spiritech Records-15-2012)
9.Augen – Camping(Spiritech Records-Recycler-2012)
10.Snufmumriko – Wetlands(Spiritech Records-Some Distant Afternoon-2012)
11.Lingua Lustra – Skyline(Spiritech Records-Homeworld-2012)
12.Lingua Lustra – Crystal Lightship from the Far Unknown(Spiritech Records-Homeworld-2012)
13.Lingua Lustra – Toivottavasti(Spiritech Records-Ijatevuvun-2012)

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