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Lights Dim & Endless Melancholy Soft Steps EP

Lights Dim & Endless Melancholy Soft Steps EP

Endless Melancholy is a music project from Kiev, Ukraine, producing minimal piano and ambient sounds.

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Released 21 March 2013
All tracks written by Marek Kaminski and Oleksiy Sakevych.
Arrangement and production by Marek Kaminski.
Mastering by Wiktor Korczakowski.

Strings on ‘As They Grow’ and ‘Soft Steps’ performed by Agnieszka Prowotorow-Pryka (violin) and Anna Dziedzic (cello).
Drums on “As They Grow’ by Antonello Perfetto.
Voice on ‘As They Grow’ by Ewa Landowska.

Photography by Andre Gansebohm.
Calligraphy by Ewa Landowska.

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