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Machines by Leah Kardos

Machines By Leah Kardos

Leah Kardos is an Australian-born composer and producer living and working in England, making eclectic music that often combines live instrumental performance with technology, location recordings and found sounds.
Leah integrates wide-ranging techniques and perspectives into her work and is largely indifferent to style boundaries, juxtaposing diverse influences and expressing herself in a musical language shaped by her experiences. Her fascinations lie in the communicative power of timbre, the manipulations of psychoacoustic phenomena, memory and pattern recognition, and the magical inexpressible ways in which music connects to life.

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released 01 March 2013
Vocals by Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz
Cello by Catherine Saumarez
keyboards, kalimba, autoharp, percussion & programming by Leah Kardos

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