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Low Light Mixes – String Theory Vol. 2

Low Light Mixes

String theory vol. 2 by Lowlight on Mixcloud

A couple of my favorite mixes from over the years are my two string theory mixes. They use various classical, neo-classical & ambient tracks to form a flowing set of violins, violas & other chamber instruments.

The first string theory mix can be found on Mixcloud here… string theory

This mix is volume 2, originally done in 2007(wow I’ve been doing this a long time!)

Hiberner Toujours
By Stars of the Lid
1 The Return(excerpt)
By Andrey Dergatchev
2 Frank’s Lie
By Corker & Conboy
3 Stay With Me (The Fountain OST)
By Clint Mansell
4 Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain #1
By Mono & World’s End Girlfriend
5 Gabriel’s Oboe
By Yo Yo Ma(Ennio Morricone)
6 Gradual Motion
By Jeff Greinke
7 December Hunting for Vegetarian
By Stars of the Lid
8 The Return (excerpt)
By Andrey Dergatchev
9 Summer Tense(Requiem for a Dream ost)
By Clint Mansell
10 Technology is Killing Music(excerpt)
By Rachel’s
11 Lontano
By Kyo Ichinose
12 Puget Sound
By Donato Wharton
13 Articulate Silences Pt. 2
By Stars of the Lid
14 I Flew(angels of the universe ost)
By Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
15 The Return(excerpt)
By Andrey Dergatchev
16 Lullaby
By Balanesco Quartet
17 Death is a Disease(Fountain ost)
By Clint Mansell
18 The Return(excerpt)
By Andrey Dergatchev

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