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sPaces12 – Deep Electronica Soundtracks

Sometimes we need to sit back and think about where we’ve come from and were heading to. In those times we can go into parts deep inside ourselves that can be scary, intimidating or even exciting. During these times we may need a helping hand or an understanding ear to help us realize a new vision for the future or a resolve of the past. In this space we give you a classical soundtrack for your thought space, a 30 minute journey that will take you deeper and lift you into a new perspective.

Picture Taken by LATTY up@Hilton


FSOL Environments ii – Serengeti
Christopher Young Sleepwalking – Mad Bad Dad
Brian Tyler – Bangkok Dangerous – Fon’s Theme
Brian Tyler – Bangkok Dangerous – Fate
Edward Shearmur – KPak – Jul27th (LATTY Re-Edit)
Harry Gregson-Wiliams – Deja Vu – The Aftermath (LATTY Re-Edit)
Harry Gregson-Wiliams – Phone Booth – The Rifle (LATTY Re-Edit)
Edward Shearmur – KPak – Taxi Ride LATTY Re-Edit
Suite Part 4 – He Can Jog
M83 – Digital shades Vol. – Coloring the void Pt1

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