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sPaces21 – Electronic Soundtrack Breaks


A new day has begun and it brings a new website reviewing the best in Electronic Soundtrack and Cinematic Breaks.

In celebration of the new site LATTY brings a beautiful compilation of tracks that summarize the content of Electronic Soundtrack.

The mix brings an hour long exciting blend of material from Electronic Soundtrack to Progressive Breaks then Techno ending back where it all began. This mix is fast paced with melodic blends throughout. A mix full tension and hope but most of all, full of sPaces.

We hope you enjoy.

Nitin Sawhney – London Undersound -Tension/Hybrid Remixed – Sleepwalking
1:10 Hybrid Remixed – Until Tommorow
1:20Atli Orvarssan – The President is safe
2:10Atli Orvarssan – Sister Rebecca
4:50Atli Orvarssan – President and decoy- LATTY edit
6:30Tyler Bates – See my son
8:20 – Security Check – TJ and R LATTY full edit
8:45 Hybrid Remixed – Sleepwalking
9:50JunkieXL – Beauty Never Fades
13:30Hybrid – Just for today – LATTY Back-to-front edit
19:20Atli Orvarssan – Motorcade – Looped@2 edit
20:40 Mark Isham – Carlotti Defines
23:30Tyler Bates – Power Down
24:00Kaupas/Tyler Bates – Power Down
28:00Christian Fischer – Bryzant Games – Advanced Panorama
32:15Phunklarique and Dejonka – Contrail Amir remix
34:30Dj Koze – Mango Cookie/Phunklarique and Dejonka – Contrail Amir remix
36:15Eat Static – Lo ride Sloucher
39:15Thomas Newman – April/Eat Static – Lo ride Sloucher
41:30IDM Forums001 Compilation – Redux
44:15Atli Orvarssan – Suarez Plan
45:15 Johnny Klimek – The International End title
52:00 Jackson LATTY – Brighter Side – rough mix

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  1. Wow. Totally love this mix. The best one yet. Don’t know how you guys keep churning them out like this. I get lost in this soundscape everytime I listen. Amazing.

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