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sPaces24 – Beautiful Melodic Breaks


Sit and soak. wait and relax. let the day fall away and all the troubles and silence all the negative words that press into you . As you sit listen to the quiet voice of encouragement. You are worth it, You are valuable, You are loved. Not because of anything you have done. but simply because you are you.

1: Alva Noto: Xerrox Monophaser 2
2: Satsuma: Mauna Kea (talking by Bob Jones)
3: Popnoname: Nighliner
4: Vector Lovers: Afterglow
5: Soliquid: No land no Sky
6: Digital Witchcraft: Fingerpaint (Chris Mac edit)
7:Arthur Deep: Pheonix
8: Syna: Forever

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Compiled by Chris Mac
Photography by LATTY

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