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sPaces31 – Scores & Electronica Re-Edited

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Sometimes we have to Re-Edit life. Go back and make adjustments to create a better future. sPaces31 reflects those life edits and choices that we face. Sometimes unexpected, other times painful but if we don’t give up the end is often better than what we started out with.

A 30min meditation into Electronica and TV Film Score Re-Edits by LATTY, enjoy.


Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin – Fire & Regeneration (Feat. Shenkar) Re-edit
Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin – Hiro Re-Edit
Mr Zeberdee’s – Red Planet Re-Edit
Fallopian Tube Tunnel Vision IDM forums IG88 Mutual Mastication
Boris Elkis – Cidney’s Story
Clinton Shorter – She Calls
Imogen Heap Canvas Re-Edit
DBridge – Memory Park intro

Picture by LATTY
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  1. Came across you at SoundCloud, Loved “Deep electronica” 12 and wanted to find out more.
    Way cool material. I’m also a Flickr nut too I’ll send you a blip.
    Thankyou for sharing your talent.
    Kyle Tremlett.

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