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Wizards Sleeve Hybrid Downtempo

Cinematic & Orchestral Mix (Mixed by The Wizard’s Sleeve) Tracklist * Everything Is Brand New * Transmigration II * Mystic Mosiac * Blind Side (Armchair Mix) {Snippet} * Numb (Orchestral Version) * Can You Hear Me (Orchestral Version) * Every Word (Beatless Mix) * The Untold * Break My Soul (Transmigration Mix) * Snyper (Orchestral Version) * Transmigration III {Snippet} * Empire (Orchestral Edit) * Distant Days * Blind Side (Armchair Mix) * Marrakech (Omen Edit) {Snippet} * Disappear Here (Orchestral Armchair Version)

Nils Frahm XMAS MixCloud

Nils frahm xmas mix 2013 by Nils Frahm on Mixcloud

The Looking Glass 027 – Winter Special Electronica & Classical Mix

A winter special mixtape from Dharma, expressing their love of things Electronic and Cinematic.

An Interview with Stray Theories

We had the privilege of interviewing “Micah. A Musician/Composer. I release most of my music under the name ‘Stray Theories’.” Here’s what else he had to say.

Tell is who you are in 140 characters, twitter style?

Micah. A Musician/Composer. I release most of my music under the name ‘Stray Theories’.

Which part of world are you from and what inspires you about it?

I am from Sydney, Australia, but now I live in the South Island of New Zealand, two very different places

Where I live in New Zealand is quiet, but incredibly beautiful & scenic, always inspiring. Sydney is busy and buzzing with all sorts of life & culture, both places inspire me.

What makes Micah tick?

Music & any form of art/creativity.. new experiences & places, improvisation, live music, family.. they all inspire me and keep me motivated ..

Describe yourself as an producer artist what is your style?

I love to create deep, atmospheric, melodic sounds – especially densely layered soundscapes..
Over time my style/approach has changed alot. My first love has always been more minimal ambient styles of music and in the last few years I have gone back to that. I also love darker experimental music.

Ryo Ishido Film and Trailer Score Composer

Composer spotlight with Ryo Ishido, accomplished Film and Trailer Score Composer, Listen to the music 8pm & 2am.

Starlit Everglades Mix

Starlit Everglades, real name “AJ Rodriguez”, a composer from the United States brings an utter world of laid back music making people enjoy there dreams. Broadcasts 1st April 2am & 8pm GMT

Michael Lovisa Artist Mixtape

Michael Lovisa, Italian composer/producer shows us he musical genius with a little mixtape. Streaming and On Demand

AYLA Ambient Mix

ΛYLΛ represents with a mix of Ambient music.

Julien Mier Mix

Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands. known for his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. plays spacesfm March 4th 2am & 8pm

Tony Anderson Film Score Composer

Tony Anderson brings images to life through music. He now brings a bit of life to spacesfm with his compositions from Movements of the Heart. Starting February 25th

Arian Hagen Atmospheric Electronic Compositions

Album showcase from Arian Hagen a composer/producer from Halle (Germany). His sound is a mix between classical pieces and atmospheric electronic compositions. Streaming and on Demand 8pm & 2am

Soft Note Cinematic Soundscapes

Philipp Kalchuk is Soft Note, the Russian born Ambient Composer. plays Ambient Soundscapes on spacesfm.