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Julien Mier Mix


Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands, knowing for his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. His signature is this width approach of fragmented melodies, hand played instruments, packed in a palette of, sometimes almost waterfall kind of textures and dreamy, melancholic stories. In 2012, Julien brought out his “When Will You Wake Up” EP on the Canadian label King Deluxe. End of March 2013, Julien will release his next EP on the dutch label Lowriders Collective, on 12” vinyl. Later in 2013 will release his remix-EP called “When Will They Wake Up” again on King Deluxe, on 12” as well.

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Steaming and On Demand

1. Kettel – Brichard
2. Marsman – Piano
3. Photay – Supersuperficial
4. Arts The Beatdoctor – Between The Lines
5. Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris – Irin Sun
6. Bruised Skies – Cold Nights
7. Swallows Fly Low – Ville
8. Julien Mier – Cocoon Boogie
9. Hyde Park – Premisse
10. Daisuke Tanabe – Cold Yesterday
11. Clark – Tooth Moves
12. Teebs – Felt Tip
13. Sun Glitters (ft. Anna-Maria Marjamaki) – Surullinen
14. Sotu The Traveller (ft. Ninthe) – Black Smoke (Julien Mier Remix)
15. Boards of Canada – Bocuma
16. Telefon Tel Aviv – TTV
17. Individualism – For God’s Sake

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