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AYLA Ambient Mix

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“Whoever said that the decades of good music were behind us, just isn’t listening” exclaims Ayla Magnusson with a caffeine induced smile on his face. ΛYLΛ’s interest in music grew from a background in live sound and PA work in his native Toronto.

This fascination slowly metamorphesized into an interest in psychomusicology and the neurological and physical effects of sound on human beings -“I never intended to make music, but it became clear that organized sound and harmony were the next step in my understanding of sound—how could you really expect to understand something without understanding its application?”.

ΛYLΛ’s appreciation of the music of his culturally distinct surroundings and his technical background is at once represented in the aesthetic of his own music and that of his mix’s. One thing is certain, 2013 will be an active year for ΛYLΛ who is currently working on several collaborations to advance his special bread of Night Music and Ambient music.

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Synkro & Indigo – Guidance
Apparat – Violent Sky
LuQuS & RIT – We Are Blind
Klātu – Blacklight
Forss – Sominio Somnium
Exist Strategy – The Flow
rulesrulesrules – Telepathy
Modual – Had you
Koda – The Last Stand
Yuna vs. Adventure Club – Lullabies (Village Remix)
Berry Weight – Krakatoa
The 1975 -You (Andrea remix)
•zaika• – I Always Wanted To Watch The Sky With You

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