Rick Tedesco Progressive DJ

Any thoughts behind your track choice and placement for your mix?
“For this mix in general, I wanted to utilize deep, melodic, atmospheric and progressive breaks with a bit of a pyramid shape and form. I wanted the mix to start slow and deep and gradually move towards a more progressive and aggressive territory, then gradually wind back down.”

What inspires your best music creation moments?
“Everyday life!”

What’s the latest exciting project you’re working on?
“Trukers and I just finished a remix for the band The Panic Division, which is a rock/electronic group. The stems were super fun to play with and it was a bit different moulding a rock song into a progressive breaks track. All and all, we are really happy with the end result and the feedback has been great.”

Favourite composers, producers or DJs at the moment and why?
This is a hard one as there are so many talented artists out there… I would say BT, Trukers, Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Schodt, Geon, Abdomen Burst, Colombo and many more. As for why, well these artist all have signature styles of electronic music and to be honest, they were the first to come to mind.”

What tracks are getting the most rotation in your sets at the moment?
“When it comes to progressive breaks, I would say Trukers, Alfoa, Digital Department, Schodt, Evgeny KoTT & Abdomen Burst. When it comes to playing live and or more aggressive breaks, I would say Beta, Clandestine, Under This, Geon & Colombo”

Any words of inspiration for the people out there?
“Do what you love and love what you do!”

DJ Peaceful September Cinematics

The first mix on Cinematics for DJ Peaceful who has a deep running passion for all things music. After many years of playing Saxophone and Electric Guitar, he directed his efforts towards dance music, over the past decade he has specifically focused on Progressive and Funky Breaks. His sets are setup to blend the best of both worlds and keep you guessing as to what is coming next. Chilled Progressive Breaks Set. [jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”2651″] Tracklist: 1) Marc Streitenfeld- Life 2) Sebiah- Deep Through 3) Enigma- Mea Culpa 4) Phrakture- One Step Out Of Time 5) Tee-Ex- Shivered 6)

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Blissed Out In Wanaka – Melodic Prog/Deep House & Nu Disco download from The Wizard’s Sleeve

Claes Rosen – Glancing [Silk Digital Records] Chris Nemmo – Nautilus [Klik Records] In Deep We Trust – The Intro (Spiritchaser Remix) [Guess Records] Jaytech & James Grant – Moth [Anjunadeep] Oliver Smith – Sunday [Anjunadeep] Something Good – Cirque [Nellie Recordings] Embliss – Beverly Drive [Armada Music] B.O.N.G. & Eddie M – Lobby [Silk Digital Records] Something Good – 1:28 AM [Nellie Recordings] Eduardo Moises & Parlange – Abbanndando (Way Out West Remix) [Silence Through Music] Spiritchaser – Ride [Guess Records] Sumsuch – Punavuori Nights [Urban Torque] Chaser Vs. Honum Vs. Sommerstad – Bullet Into The Purple Sun (TWS’s

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SoundCloud RoundUp Progressive Cinematic And Melodic

So here’s my first SoundCloud Round up, just a few of favorite tracks and mixes that get dropped into the Progressive Breaks :: Melodic & Cinematic group on SoundCloud. First up is an interesting track entitled Melody Burst from Putero. Coming From Denmark he uses an interesting mix of styles in this track – Glitch, Broken, Electronica with a bit of Progressive elements thrown in there for good measure. Putero – Melody Burst by Putero Next up is another remix of an Imogen Heap track. The Imogen remixes just keep coming but that’s because her tunes are just so remixable.

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Melodic Progressive Mix DJ William Kennedy

A bit of Melodic Progressive, and why not? Download:

Download Embliss Mind Over Matter #008

Download the latest mix from Embliss very nice, at the website While your there pick up a copy of the latest EP East Cafe Summer Solstice, Breaks remix. latest mix details below:- DOWNLOAD HERE 01 Abdomen Burst – Underwater Cave [Proton Music] 02 Faskil – We’re All Cunt5 [Frisky] 03 Yuliy Metelsky – 6am [Avangardia] 04 Peter Herzinberg – Firedust [Carica] 05 Jason Bradberry ft. Emily Haughton – Autumn (Shoreliners remix) [Silk Digital] 06 Gai Barone – Organum (Dino Lenny remix) [Afterglow Deep] 07 Trim the Fat – Catch Zone [Type Six] 08 Pryda – Melo [Pryda] 09 Sidesmokers

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sPaces24 – Beautiful Melodic Breaks

Sit and soak. wait and relax. let the day fall away and all the troubles and silence all the negative words that press into you . As you sit listen to the quiet voice of encouragement. You are worth it, You are valuable, You are loved. Not because of anything you have done. but simply because you are you. Tracklist: 1: Alva Noto: Xerrox Monophaser 2 2: Satsuma: Mauna Kea (talking by Bob Jones) 3: Popnoname: Nighliner 4: Vector Lovers: Afterglow 5: Soliquid: No land no Sky 6: Digital Witchcraft: Fingerpaint (Chris Mac edit) 7:Arthur Deep: Pheonix 8: Syna: Forever

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Melodic Electronic

Progressive and melodic DJ sets over Lunar @ Entertainment Go Check it. Play