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Cinematics October Chris Mac

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1. We don’t have to think like that anymore- Cliff Martinez- Solaris- La La Land
2. Stay with Me- Clint Mansell- the fountain- Nonesuch
3. Filmic(intro piano loop)- above and beyond
4. Welcome to lunar industries- Clint Mansell- Moon- Black records
5. Homelands- Nitin Sawney- Outcaste
6. Mexican Gangsters- Eric Johnson
7. Everything is Brand New- Hybrid- Distinctive Records
8. Sleepover-Marius Vries- Kick Ass- Polydor Records
9. Soul of heart (loop)- Kaito- Kompact
10. Thoughts of Alice- Last days- n5MD
11. Life is all about taking things- Telefon Tel Aviv- Hefty! Records
12. The Dumbing down of Love- Frou Frou- Island Records
13. Van Loon- Paul Leonard Morgan- limitless- Relativity Music Group
14. Looking to everything Glass of Misery- Antalya- Style Records
15. We will return- Andrew Bayer- Anjunabeats
16. With The King- United Pursuit/iris ministries- Iris Ministries
17. Filmic- Above and Beyond- Anjunabeats
18. Hammer- Cliff Martinez-Drive- Lakeshore Recordings
19. Down the Hatch- Paul Leonard Morgan- limitless- Relativity Music Group
20. Coming up- Paul Leonard Morgan- limitless- Relativity Music Group
21. The game has changed- Daft Punk- Tron: Legacy- Walt Disney Recordings
22. Downtown Battle- Steve Jablonsky- Transformers- Warner Bros.
23. Mombasa- Hans Zimmer- Inception- Watertower Music
24. Eddie’s Back- Paul Leonard Morgan- limitless- Relativity Music Group

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  1. Always a pleasure listening to your Cinematics 🙂 It makes my day great.
    As I was currently listening to Cinematics August 2011, I wondered if you could ID a track for me?
    The track starts at 18:00 and ends near 22:30. It would be great to know the ID. Thank you.

  2. hey jeorg- the orchestral track is ‘sleepover’ by Marius Vries looped for 8 bars with the first section of Soul of Heart by Kaito looped over the top (the elecronic chords). they went so nicely together i wanted to keep it going 😛

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