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Cinematics Innuendo Film Scores 2

After my guest mix earlier in the year (March 2011), I’ve kindly been given another opportunity to share another 2 hours of my favourite scores from modern film, television and video games. With 35 cues in total from 25 films, this is an eclectic mix of beautiful electronica from epic strings and action cues, to more mellow minimalist pieces spanning the last 25 years or so. As was the case with my first mix, this is a very personal mix, with many of my childhood favourites which first sparked my love for film music such as Casper, Home Alone and Jurassic Park (still makes the hairs on the back of my neck tingle!) and I’m also thrilled to include a track by one of my favourite bands of the past 10 years, Libera (actually a boys choir from South London) which rounds off the mix. Thanks for listening and allowing me to share this music with you. I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I did putting it together.

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[000.00-002.40] Paul Oakenfold – Swordfish OST
[002.41-005.52] Alan Silvestri – Back To The Future OST
[005.53-011.44] Hans Zimmer – Black Hawk Down OST
[011.45-014.08] Michal Cielecki & Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz – Bulletstorm OST
[014.09-021.36] James Horner – Avatar OST
[021.37-029.52] James Horner – Legends of The Fall OST
[029.53-034.08] John Williams – Home Alone OST
[034.09-038.24] Randy Newman – Pleasantville OST
[038.25-040.32] Brad Fiedel – Terminator 2 OST

[040.33-043.44] Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory – Portal 2 OST
[043.45-048.32] John M. Keane – Crime Scene Investigation OST
[048.33-054.40] Masafumi Takada – Vanquish OST
[054.41-058.24] Marc Mancina – Bad Boys OST
[058.25-062.40] Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – The Social Network OST

[062.41-067.44] John Murphy & Underworld – Sunshine OST
[067.45-073.04] James Horner – Casper OST
[073.05-076.48] Javier Navarrete – Pan’s Labyrinth OST
[076.49-085.52] Mark Snow – The X-Files OST
[085.53-092.48] John Ottoman – Astro Boy OST
[093.49-094.24] Thomas Newman – Six Feet Under OST
[094.25-101.20] Steve Jablonsky – The Island OST
[101.21-107.44] Trevor Rabin – Armageddon OST
[107.45-114.40] John Williams – Jurassic Park OST
[114.41-117.20] Hans Zimmer, Blake Neely & Geoff Zanelli – The Pacific OST
[117.21-121.12] Libera – Nobody To Watch Over Me OST


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