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Soft Note Cinematic Soundscapes

Phillipp Kalchuk

Philipp Kalchuk is Soft Note, the Russian born Ambient Composer. with influences of Fallout 1-2 and Diablo 2. In this mix he plays his soundscapes and atmospheric music.

Listen below.

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01) Soft Note – Ancient Jungles (from Music Book Vol. II)
02) Soft Note – Spirit Walker (from Spiritscapes)
03) Soft Note – Highlands (from Spiritscapes)
04) Soft Note & WMRI – Crystal Cavern (from Music Book Vol. II)
05) Soft Note – Lost Paradise (from Music Book Vol. II)
06) Soft Note & Sokpb Avabodha – Gitarion (from Futurescapes)
07) Soft Note – Syphe Desert (from Celistic Music Book)
08) Soft Note – Spirits of Desert (from Spiritscapes)
09) Soft Note & Halcyon Hall – Space Breeze (from Futurescapes)
10) Soft Note & Mikael Kovsh – Syphe (from Celistic Music Book)
11) Soft Note – Memories (from Celistic Music Book)

You can read the full interview with Soft Note here.

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