spaces35 – Ambient Cinematic

60 minutes of new Ambient Cinematic Soundscapes compiled by LATTY

LATTY BeatTunes artist of the month

Beattunes September artist of the month. Get yourself over to the Facebook page to hear an exclusive mix for the underground online site for quality clubbing music. Tracklist The Chemical Brothers – Sun Collapse Paul Leonard – Apartment Carnage Zack Hemsey – Graven Image Edit Apartment Carnage – reprise David Buckley – Eye in the Sky Zack Hemsey – This is our Legacy Edit Taking over – Unknown Edit Alexey Sonar – Losing Myself Edit Shiloh, Steve Andrews – Flywheel Alexandre Desplat – A Better Life Edit Tee Ex as Simple As that Edit His Boy Elroy – Glimmer Oleg

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Cinematics May Mixed by LATTY

[jwplayer config=”Primary” mediaid=”3551″] Tracklist: The Chemical Brothers – Sun Collapse Alex Heffes – Tavern Stalker Brian Reitzell – Dead Sister Paul Leonard – Phone Tap Alex Heffes – Towers of the Void The Chemical Brothers – Hannas Theme Brian Tyler – Battle Los Angeles Hymn Alexandre Desplat – Manunals Death Alexandre Desplat – Helicopter Flight Alexandre DesplatĀ  – The Winch Group Paul Morgan – Limitless Brian Tyler – Tapping In Unknown – Infection Points Brian Tyler – Finding the Chip Deborah Lurie – Coins Marcelo Zarvos – Hunter and Zola Talk Brain Reitzell – Just a Fragment of You Paul

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sPaces31 – Scores & Electronica Re-Edited

Sometimes we have to Re-Edit life. Go back and make adjustments to create a better future. sPaces31 reflects those life edits and choices that we face. Sometimes unexpected, other times painful but if we don’t give up the end is often better than what we started out with. A 30min meditation into Electronica and TV Film Score Re-Edits by LATTY, enjoy. Tracklist: Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin – Fire & Regeneration (Feat. Shenkar) Re-edit Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin – Hiro Re-Edit Mr Zeberdee’s – Red Planet Re-Edit Fallopian Tube Tunnel Vision IDM forums IG88 Mutual Mastication Boris Elkis –

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sPaces25(Proton Radio Exclusive) – Soundtrack Breaks Soundtracks

The sPaces DJs have Joined the Proton Radio DJ roster and will be playing their unique blend of Soundtracks and Cinematic Breaks as a live stream every 2nd Sunday at 1pm GMT. As a dedicated sPaces listener you get to catch the first 60 minutes of the show here! Exclusive to wastedsPaces. If you want to catch the the other half get yourself over to Proton Radio and subscribe to the on-demand show Cinematic Sessions. Compiled By LATTY Tracklist: LATTY – Soundtrack Breaks Soundtrack 1 Thomas Newman – A Tour Of Pleasures [Mca Records] 2 Atli Orvarssan – Explosion Aftermath

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