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Aliquo Exclusive Guest Mix

Aliquo Cover


The Aliquo boys are the artist and producer duo based in Surrey, UK. Streaming ON DEMAND for a special guest mix full of surprises, we also managed to get a quick interview with them.

Aliquo is the music project of Surrey based artist and producers Scott & Glen Rowlan. The two brothers began their foray into electronic music with 2010’s Searching for Life EP and Another Blue World EP. In 2011, Aliquo signed to Needletracks ( based in Australia. Their first full length album on Needletracks was released in 2011 called ‘Origins’ and their follow up album this year called ‘Together’.


1. Harmonia ’76 – Welcome (3:02)
2. Oneohtrix Point Never – Behind the Bank (2:20)
3. Brian Eno – St. Elmo’s Fire (3:02)
4. Dan Deacon – Prettyboy (5:22)
5. Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes II (6:23)
6. Bill Nelson – When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True (3:34)
7. Sebastien Tellier – Le Long De La Riviere Tendre (3:04)
8. Greg Haines – Arups Gate (10:41)
9. Mpala Garoo – Kid Island (4:06)
10. Belbury Poly – Summer Round (6:36)
11. Eluvium – We Say Goodbye To Ourselves (2:09)
12. MACINTOSH PLUS – ECCOと悪寒ダイビング (6:42)
13. Tim Hecker – Sketch 7 (3:26)
14. Laurel Halo – Light + Space (4:50)
15. Ray & the Prisms – Timelapse in Colour (0:57)
16. Sipho Hotstix Mabuse – Burn Out (4:55)
17. Suzanne Ciani – Eighth Wave (3:33)
18. Active Child – You Are All I See (4:05)
19. Ennio Morricone – Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri (3:06)
20. Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (3:33)
21. Julianna Barwick – Anjos (3:25)
22. Eric Towren – Cosmos Aquatique (2:15)
23. Richard Skelton – Green Withins Brook (4:26)
24. Mike Oldfield – Arrival (2:48)


Begin Interview

Tell is who you are?
We are Aliquo.

Tell us what you do?
We write music with synthesizers, laptops and other digital toys.

Which part of world are you from and what’s so good about it?
Our home of origin is a quiet surburban village in Surrey, a special place in little ways but the best thing is its close proximity to London. London is a cooking pot of possibilities.

How and where do you find new music?
The Internet.

What inspires your best music creation moments?
Usually it comes from just listening to music we like. Other times we are inspired by little moments of life, significant events in current affairs or personal experiences.

What were the thoughts behind your track choice and placement for your mix?
The mix was a broad selection of tunes we currently like and artists that have inspired us from the beginning.

What’s the latest exciting project your involved in?
Recently, some of our music has been used in television: Australian documentaries and BBC shows.

Favourite composers, producers or DJs at the moment?
Oneohtrix Point Never, The New Lines, Ennio Morricone, and anything on the Ghost Box label.

What do you imagine you’ll be getting up to in 2020?
Hopefully still writing music, live shows, film scores and other multimedia projects. Or if those don’t take off, I would like to open up a record store.

Any words of inspiration for the people out there?
Never throw away old ideas. Keep notes, pictures, recordings – let all this ephemera build up so that they can come in handy when you need some inspiration in the future.

How can people find out more about your work?
Check out the website.

Thank you Aliquo

Any final words?
We hope to have a new album out sometime next year so fingers crossed.

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