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Gonzalo Blázquez – The Composer Series

Gonzalo Blázquez Gutiérrez from Spain (Madrid) composer for film and TV. Presents his music as part of the Composer Series



1. Lagos de Crista (stars)
2. Lost Paradise
3. Dreams Irlanda
4. Distant Sitar
5. Autum Despertar
6. Australia
7. Travel Word
8. Sunset Ibiza
9. Piano Legends
10. All is beautiful
11. Perfect waves
12. Lost
13. Distant Sitar

Airing from the 14th January 2013 8pm & 2am GMT

Whats your name?

Gonzalo Blázquez

Where do you currently reside, live?

Madrid, España

How long have you been composing and how did you get into it?

I was born on the 22nd of July, 1978. Since I was I already liked to make music with any toy I had at hand. My passion for music was born since I was very young, and has only increased with time.

I always admired people who could play the piano and the guitar. My parents bought me my first electronic keyboard when I turned six, and then they were more aware of my ability with music.

At school I learned and the flute, but that wasn’t enough of me, so I started to write music with computer programs, Amstrad 464, and a guitar that my parents gave me.
With 18 years of age, I already compsoed music for audiovisual productions, and when I turned 20 my music was played in documentaries from Televisión Española (Spanish Television).

Since then, I started my own video production company, and I’m very happy.

I consider myself to be a very creative person; I also do photography for my clients, as well as graphic design, web design, and professional video recording. In the world of 3D graphics I have earned more than 10 national prizes.

What inspires your best music creation moments?

My best compositions are based in the appreciation for nature and the love I have for animals. Such context provides a way of relaxation and of new ideas. Depending on the style, I seeks new locations to be inspired.

Since I was little I lived in the woods, away from the noises of the city. What also helps me a lot to compose is to think of dogs I’ve had and that have died, because they have been like my brothers, and I don’t forget them.

Favourite composers, producers or DJs at the moment?

My favorite composers are Ryūichi Sakamoto y John Barry. They are impressive and genius in my opinion. My favourite work by Ryūichi Sakamoto are Forbidden Colours and Energy Flow. My favourite work by John Barry is the soundtrack for the movie “High road to china”.

What’s the latest exciting project your working on?

My best proyect is the composition of a piece for a Porsche video, the presentation of Porsche GT3.


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