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Mokke Wingbeat

New album Wingbeat arrives 01/February/2013

No more hide and seek!

Mokke wingbeat

Tomoki Ikeda a.k.a. Mokke is not only a dj but also a producer and a musical allrounder. But most of all he is Japanese – translate that with „very polite“ and „unboastful“. His new hometown Berlin, capitol of electronic music and not always an easy place to live in, left an impression, though. But it took Mokke more than ten years to understand the unofficial ethos of the city: „Modesty is an adornment, but you come further without it“.

„Wingbeat“ ist the name of Mokkeʼs second album. A good opportunity to give up on modesty. And to give up on the hide-and-seek that accompanied his debut as Mokke more than three years ago. When he presented his first album„Happy Chameleon“ in 2009, he didnʼt want anyone to know about all his other musical projects. The music had to speak for itself. Now things are a little different. Tomoki Ikeda speaks with new found self-confidence about his role in the Berlin music scene, especially about his band Nomad Sound System. The Berlin based multi-cultural project blends arabic singing with club beats that the producer and EFX-man Tomoki Ikeda so beautifully creates.

On his new piece of work „Wingbeats“ the japanese musician relies again on his Mokke- moniker and does all the work by himself (with only one little exception: on „Tears In My Mind“, Blank Records label boss Sicker Man can be heard singing). Mokkeʼs music is still influenced by hip hop beats but is not Hip Hop. Itʼs funky but not funk. It has soul but no one would come up with the idea to call it soul music. His rolling beats and reeling melodies, his dense atmospherical tracks and his heavily proccessed singing can be compared to the works of Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing and DJ Shadow. But Mokke quickly moves on to totally different soundscapes. Maybe his music can best be described like this: „Wingbeat“ is 21st-century-music, created by a producer who has seen and heard it all and who is able to convert these impressions to wicked electronic sounds.

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